4 years in Sao Paulo


Today completes exactly four years I’m living in Sao Paulo and I can say I have lived a lot in this town. It seems like yesterday that I landed once immensity of buildings and cars .

Everything was new to me: a new home that I would care, a new routine, a new state; I got married; I quit my job and paused the college, and I stayed away from family and friends. It was a big change in every way.

I remember when I came here and spent the whole day at home alone, crying every moment of the day because I remembered what I’d be doing right now if I were in the RJ. The time of the late afternoon and supper were the worst . When Eduardo came home from work, I’d be like those poor doggies walking behind the owner, cringing and wanting attention.

For a long time I lost and aimless. I hated Sao Paulo with all my strength. Not suited me the weather, the people, the way they saw life. I suffered bullyng (at age 26) because I’m carioca, people do not understand me, I could not understand them. I had, several times, willingness to drop everything, get my stuff together and get back to RJ without anything. If not for the Du with all your patience and understanding I may not be here writing this text.

But São Paulo is not only suffering. It was here that I discovered my true vocation: the library and its fascinating and hidden world. I met cool people and bloggers, in which you have shown me another Sao Paulo with looks and lenses. College friends that make me cross the city with its chaotic traffic to learn from their experiences. The new world that I have discovered in the last month in my new job.

São Paulo is maddening, but I’m not ready yet and do not want to leave. I can say that now that I began to appreciate and enjoy things it can offer. If you pay close attention it may be divine, even without the beach (heheh).

Yet here I changed my worldview, my relationship with people and with myself. I learned a lot in those few four years here and know I still have much to learn.

Time is only 4 years, but I feel I have built a new life here with my company’s and inseparable friend Du.

See you later!

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My life in a month

_DSC9007Hey everybody!

I’m not out, I did not die and neither gave up the blog. It’s just life itself, and the days that seems to fly. When I notice, they have passed.

The second year of college started and this period will be tough, with many technical disciplines and hard work. Librarianship will take every second of my day. Many texts to read, books to deepen the knowledge and many exercises  and papers to do.

I started working and I’m loving this new experience. I’m doing something the I really enjoy and has everything to do with my future profession: indexing images. Learning and knowing about a whole new world in an area that I had no idea how it worked. A great exchange of experiences.

My health was the other reason that kept me away from blogging. I took advantage of a biopsy that I’m recovering from to write this post. Nothing too serious, you know? Appeared another problem, besides my usual twisted hip, but I’m treating and finding the solution. Finally I found a dermatologist (after 4 years) that fits on my standards in medical care and that is helping me in diagnosis.

2014 started well for me and I hope it continues this way: full of energy and good things. I’m still hoping for more good things to emerge. I will not abandone the blog. I am full of posts on my mind and lots of them on blog’s scratch. I just need I little time to put ideas on the computer. I do not know when this will happen but soon we’ll have posts here.

See you later!

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I read: True Believer, Nicholas Sparks.


Finally, I managed to finish this book.
No, it’s not like it was bad. I started and I was totally out of time to read because of the tasks of college. I ended up leaving it there for the shelf until you can handle it again .

As the semester ended, I resumed my reading. As the book was dropped there, abandoned and sad, just got to finish once. Mainly because I started the Literary Challenge Tiger told that post here .


True Believer, of Nicholas Sparks tells the story of a journalist Jeremy Marsh, a resident of New York who decided to go to Cedar Creek unravel the mystery of an urban legend involving ghosts and lights at the request of a local resident, Doris. Once there, he meets Lexie, the town librarian who helps us. Both fall for each other but do not want to get involved because of the frustrations they had with previous relationships .

I confess at the beginning of the book the story was well drawn without anything happening. It took a little while to catch on. Was about to abandon him, but decided to continue. The plot starts only hold your attention now halfway through the book. I confess it had parts that ended up doing speed reading because did not add much to the understanding of history. Overall, it’s an interesting reading, with a simple story and romantic book. I rate it 7 .


ISBN: Publisher: Agir | Pages: 332 | Rating: 7/10

Book red to the Desafio Literário do Tigre (Literary Challenge of the Tiger) (from @tadsh) in January. The theme was “Na estante” (On the Bookshelf). For more information about the challenge visit the fanpage.

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